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Adams Fairacre Farms

In addition to wholesale and retail food, Adams Fairacre Farms, Inc. sells prepared foods, seafood and meat. It also has a gift shop, flower shop and garden center. The company also sells power equipment and serves customers throughout New York state. The company serves the Hudson Valley.

Family-owned business

Adams Fairacre Farms is a family business that has been in business for a number of years. The company has expanded its product offerings and has been named a Local Hero by Edible Hudson magazine. Located in the Hudson Valley, the farm offers the best in local produce.

The company has four locations in New York, including one in Wappinger. It started out as a roadside farm stand and grew into a regional chain. Its history dates back to the 1920s when its founder, Ralph A. Adams, was only nine years old when he emigrated from Padula, Italy. He was a quick study and eventually borrowed $500 to purchase 50 acres of land on a dirt road. He later passed the farm onto his two sons, Ralph R. and Donald Adams, and later to his two grandson, Patrick and Stephen Adams. Today, Adams Fairacre Farms employs 1,350 people and posts an annual sales total of $180 million.

The Middletown location is expected to open in late 2022 or early 2023. Customers will be able to shop for produce and other goods that are fresh and made on-site. Some products made in-house include pizza dough, pasta and cheese. A new cheesemaker, Greg Laraia, joined the company in February. He makes mozzarella, burrata and scamorza. His fresh mozzarella has become one of the department’s best-selling items.

Hudson Valley staple

When it comes to local produce, Adams Fairacre Farms is one of the most trusted and respected names in the region. The farm-direct business has been a staple of the Hudson Valley since it opened in 1921 and continues to expand its product offerings and commitment to local producers. The chain has four locations, including a new location in Wappinger, New York.

The farms are a staple of the local culinary scene. Their locally-grown produce is available at a range of local restaurants and markets. Their artisanal cheese and ice cream can be enjoyed in one of their four locations along the Hudson River. You’ll also find baked goods baked daily and a butcher department specializing in local produce and meats.

You’ll also find fresh produce, baked goods, cheese, meat, and cheese in a variety of flavors at Adams Fairacre Farms. The farm’s shops also feature a deli, garden center, and bakery, along with power equipment and other home and garden goods. You’ll love the quality and the price of their fresh produce.

Opening in Middletown

Adams Fairacre Farms plans to open a fifth store in the Hudson Valley. The grocery chain recently signed a contract to buy 7.3 acres of land on Route 211 East in Wallkill. The project is contingent on town planning board approval and environmental testing. The plot includes an old gas station, mechanic’s garage, and several vacant buildings. Adams Fairacre farms is expected to present its plans to the Town Planning Board sometime next month.

The Middletown location is convenient for Adams Fairacre Farms customers who typically travel to Wappinger or Dutchess County to get to their store. In addition, a Middletown store will provide customers with easy access to the Hudson Valley.

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