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Alabama Cities – The Best Places to Visit in Alabama

A visit to the southeastern U.S. state of Alabama is sure to be a memorable experience. The state is filled with significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement. Visit the 16th Street Baptist Church, which served as the protest headquarters in the 1960s. Also visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Church in Montgomery, and the Rosa Parks Museum in Birmingham, which is dedicated to the civil rights activist.

The state added about 15,000 people in the decade after the Civil War, and nearly half of Alabama’s cities shrank. This trend has continued, however, in areas that were growing quickly. Among Alabama’s fastest-growing cities, Gulf Shores increased its population by more than a fifth. Smaller and medium-sized cities have also been declining, with Gadsden, Pritchard, and Selma leading the way. The state’s population topped five million people, and a little more than one-third of the state’s population has shifted since the 1960s.

Montgomery is the state’s capital, and it is an old cotton trading town situated along the Alabama River. Cotton was loaded here and sent downriver to the city of Mobile. This city is not particularly interesting, though, as it is hot and flat, and its civic economy is bland. If you visit the state’s capitol city, however, it’s worth it. If you’re looking for a city that will make your visit worthwhile, then the state’s largest city, Birmingham, has more than a million residents.

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