Fake Smile at High School Graduation



Fake Smile at High School Graduation

If you’ve ever had to present a picture of yourself at a high school graduation, you’ve likely seen a video of the “counterfeit smile at secondary school graduation.” During the ceremony, a Delaware woman named Mary MacMillan flashes an emoji-laden smile before quickly dissipating into a frown. This video has become an Internet sensation, and is sure to prick the conscience of any high school graduate.

A video showing a woman in Delaware accepting her diploma – and then pouting in disappointment – has gone viral on social media sites. This video, posted to the social network TikTok by Mary MacMillan – a senior at the university of Delaware – is an adorable moment that many people can relate to. While it’s impossible to know if the video’s true story, the feelings shown in the clip can resonate with anyone. In addition to high school graduations, many people grew up in a world where a similar pandemic was common.

While most graduates wouldn’t do something so crazily silly, this video is an internet sensation. One woman’s fake smile was caught on camera during a high school graduation ceremony and went viral almost immediately. The video was shared over 61 million times on TikTok, and it has received over 4 million likes. The fake smile at high school graduation video may be the next viral video craze. If Mary Macmillan’s video is any indication, it could be the start of a new trend in social media: fake smiling at high school graduation.

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