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GB Collects – Is This App Safe For Your Business?

GB Collects is the newest app for GB business banking, but is this app safe for your business? This article will go over the benefits and cons of GB business mobile banking, complaints against GB Collects, and scams associated with this company. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section. Here are some tips to avoid being a victim of GB Collects scams.

GB Collects

GB Business Group collects accounts on behalf of businesses, individuals and government agencies. The company has been operating since 2001 and has been listed on the Better Business Bureau since 2004. The company generates revenues of approximately $4 million a year and employs 45 people at its headquarters. The company offers debt collection services for businesses of all sizes and types, and has extensive experience in commercial accounts. For more information, visit

A few complaints have been made against GB Collects. Most of the complaints are centered around disputes over the debt’s validity and allegations of harassment. One complainant received a letter demanding physical proof of his debt, despite having paid the account two months earlier. In addition, the complainant claimed to have a good credit history and did not owe any money to the company. Ultimately, the company refused to release the amount owed.

Complaints against GB Collects

Many consumers have filed complaints against GB Collects, citing harassment and disputes over the debt’s authenticity. In one complaint, the complainant received a letter claiming that he owes GBC money from a cancelled insurance charge. Despite his disagreements, GBC refused to give the complainant physical proof of the debt. The complainant continued to be harassed despite being insured for two months and paying all his bills.

GB Collects does not follow the FDCPA by using collection letters only for commercial accounts and failing to provide other information to consumers. As a result, consumers do not receive compensation for the debts they owe to the company. To dispute the debt, consumers can take several steps. They can contact the Better Business Bureau or local consumer protection agencies. Regardless of the situation, a consumer should consider filing a complaint against GB Collects.

Scams surrounding GB Collects

If you have a debt with GB Collects, you should know your rights and know that you can dispute any collections. You should be aware that multiple collections on your credit report can cause a serious hit to your score. Debt collectors must prove ownership of the debt, the amount, and the validity of the debt within thirty days. They also cannot harass or threaten you. If they repeatedly call you, swear at you, or threaten you with legal action, you should immediately send a cease-and-desist letter to them.

One scam involving GB Collects has been spreading throughout the internet. A sales representative at GB Collects received an email from a Japanese electronics manufacturer seeking help in collecting a $650,000 debt from an American electronics store. The letter said the account manager wanted to speak with GB by email. However, the email address was generic web-based. The account manager was nowhere to be found. This case highlights the importance of researching the company.

GB Collects’ alleged harassment of clients

If you receive a phone call from GBC Business Group, or GB Collects, you may be wondering if you have legal rights. You are protected by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA. Generally, a collection agency cannot harass or intimidate its clients without first obtaining accurate information about the debt. The company is prohibited from making harassing or intimidating phone calls.

In this case, GB Collects’ alleged harassment occurred because of a disagreement over the validity of the debt. The complainant, a resident of California, received a letter from GBC claiming he owed a debt from a year and a half ago. He immediately denied the claim and demanded physical proof. He explained that he had been paying all of his bills, but he was still receiving phone calls about the debt.

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