Larson Farms and Creamery in Creston, Minnesota



Larson Farms and Creamery in Creston, Minnesota

Larson Farms is a farm that has been in the family for over 150 years. It was founded by Norwegian immigrants in 1854. Today, it operates as an organic dairy and operates a YouTube channel with information about the farm. Learn about the history of the farm and its founders! And make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates! There’s also a nifty interactive map to explore. The Larson family also provides tours of the farm and the surrounding area.

Larson Farms was founded by Norwegian immigrants in 1854

Larson Farms was founded by Norwegian immigrants, Ole and Anna Larson, in 1854. Larson was twenty-four years old at the time, and had emigrated with his mother and two sisters. They stayed in the state for about fifteen years before moving to Minnesota. Later, in 1867, Nels Larson and his family settled in Wright county. By the end of the decade, the Larson family had acquired forty acres of land in Buffalo township, and the Larsons had cultivated this land. In 1876, Lars and Anna Larson moved to Becker county, but found farming in Minnesota difficult. They moved to the San Joaquin Valley in 1887.

It is a family-run business

Larson Acres has long been known for producing quality milk, but it does more than that. It also does what’s best for the dairy business. According to M. Matt, Chief Editor of Livestock & Poultry Middle East magazine, the Larson family takes care of more than just milking cows. The family has incorporated their business and milks almost 3,000 cows.

It is an organic dairy

The Larson Farm and Creamery is a certified organic dairy farm. The farm produces raw and pasteurized dairy products as well as grass-fed beef. It also offers a selection of gelato and cream top milk, as well as cultured butter. The farm is open during the day and offers tours.

It is a YouTube channel run by the Larson family

The Larson farms YouTube channel was founded 11 years ago. It is a family-run channel that uploads videos about farming and related topics. The owners are Chet Larson, Merlyn Larson, Doug Larson, and Randy Larson. Chet and his family are the fifth generation to run the family corn and soybean farm in west-central Minnesota. The channel has more than 323K subscribers.

It produces human milk

The Larson Farm and Creamery in Creston, Florida, is one of the few dairy farms in the United States that produces human milk. The farm has been in operation for over a century. Its growth and development is largely due to the work of Bob Larson, his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

It uses A2A2 beta caseins

Larson Farm and Creamery produces pasteurized and grass-fed milk. The dairy uses a natural form of beta-casein, called A2A2, and tests all cows for it. The creamery also produces grass-fed and certified organic yogurt, gelato, and cultured butter.

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