Memorial City Mall



Memorial City Mall

Memorial City Mall is a huge shopping complex in Houston, Texas. It is 11 miles west of downtown Houston at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Gessner Road. It is home to hundreds of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The mall is one of the largest in the country, and has something for every shopper.


Fame City in Memorial City Mall is a former shopping mall that was once known as And Indians. The owners sold out in late 1993, and the Waterworks remained as a water park, called Fun Plex. The Fun Plex is still open to this day. Before Exhilarama took over the area, the mall was called “And Indians”. And Indians was a chain of Indian stores with one location in West Oaks Mall, and no internet presence.

Fame City mall

In the late 1980s, the Memorial City Mall underwent renovations and added a section called Fame City. The expansion included a video game arcade, kiddie rides, roller skating rink and an eight-screen Loew’s Theatre. The mall also hosted specialty conventions, such as those for model trains. However, the overall sales for the mall declined. In 1989, a major renovation project was started by the mall’s owners. Taubman Centers was brought in to oversee the project.

The Memorial City mall opened in 1983. It has several different shopping areas. The first section features Sears. It was later joined by Montgomery Ward and Lord & Taylor.

Exhilarama redevelopment

The Exhilarama was a 47,000-square-foot indoor family entertainment center that opened on December 11, 1993. It featured rides, a huge kids’ play structure, a party area, laser tag, and a virtual reality arcade. It was also home to a food court and an outside entrance. Today, its space is used for office buildings.

The redevelopment plan has been in the works for some time. Executives at MetroNational have conducted extensive evaluations of the mall, which is aging rapidly. They’ve hired an outside firm to collect feedback from the community, which has been heavily incorporated into the project. In the end, the plan is to create an open-air civic center that is more contemporary than before.

Midway mixed-use development

The new Midway mixed-use development will include office, retail, and dining space. The complex will be flanked by Marathon Oil’s world-class corporate headquarters and a sleek new roundabout. It will also feature an updated northern gateway. The development will also include a hotel. The project is aimed at attracting Texas A&M MBA students.

The project will be an outdoor town featuring restaurants, boutiques, and retail brands. The development will also include community programming and green spaces. The project is expected to begin construction in the fall.

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