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New Pokemon Snap Updates

The first major update for the Pokemon Snap is just hours away! With it, we can expect new stages from North America, Europe, and Japan. We’ve listed some of the changes below! Read on to learn more about this game’s new updates! This week’s Pokemon Snap update brings many new features, including Gyarados, Photodex, and more! Let’s take a closer look! There’s something new for everyone!


The latest content update for New Pokemon Snap has added the Gyarados. This “atrocious” Pokemon is similar to the ones seen in the N64 game. When hit with an Illumina Orb, Gyarados will swim down a river. This will give you the chance to capture Gyarados for pictures and collect point bonuses. If you have enough photos of Gyarados, you can even get a 5-Star rating for them!

If you were hoping to get a new Pokémon to add to your collection, then you should be pleased to hear that the New Pokemon Snap update contains a bunch of new additions! The DLC is packed with new locations and quality-of-life features. Players will now be able to visit the Barren Badlands, Mightywide River, and Secret Side Path, and find the Water/Flying Gyarados. Here’s a quick guide to finding Gyarados in New Pokemon Snap.

The New Pokemon Snap update will include three new areas. One of the areas is set in the Florio Island Nature Park, while the other two feature day and night settings. The update will also include three new Pokemon and new poses. Hopefully, the new areas will allow players to branch out more easily and find more ways to complete missions. In addition, the new areas should also provide more opportunities to get Gyarados and other new Pokemon.

Besides Gyarados, the New Pokemon Snap will also feature 20 new Pokemon! The complete list of new Pokemon has yet to be revealed, but we can assume that they include Gyarados and Psyduck. The trailer also shows Rockruff and Snorlax, two new additions to the game. We will continue to update our article as more information becomes available. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the Pokemon Snap website today.

New areas

With the new update for Pokemon GO, you can now explore three new areas! The secret side path will allow you to get up close and personal with giant Pokemon, while the Mightywide River gives you a river tubing experience. The Barren Badlands feature red rocky cliffs and Onyx poking out of caves. The Barren Badlands are also part of Voluca Island. This means that you will be able to take more selfies and more screenshots!

The new Pokemon Snap update will also bring three secret areas to the Lental region, with new Pokemon to catch! Some of these areas will be hidden in the wild, and some will be incredibly tricky to find. Some of the Pokemon will hide underground, so it’s worth spending some time exploring these areas so you can catch them! New areas are available now for Nintendo Switch! You can get the update on August 3!

Nintendo’s new Pokemon Snap update will include three new areas, as well as more than 20 new Pokemon! In addition to the new areas, the update also adds two new perspectives. The first area is called the Secret Side Path, and players can now shrink down and explore it with the use of a special tool. The second area is the Barren Badlands, which are flooded with rapids and are full of mystery.

The New Pokemon Snap update will also unlock other courses. When the game reaches Research Level two, the other courses will unlock automatically. Night courses will only be available after you reach Research Level two for the daytime counterpart. You can also use the NEO-ONE Shrink Function to shrink to explore the Florio Nature Park from a different perspective. In addition, the search options have also been enhanced. And if you’re looking for a new place to start your next adventure, the Secret Side Path might be the perfect place for you!

The New Pokemon Snap update is scheduled to arrive soon, with new Pokemon and new areas to explore. It will be available for both the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Pokemon Company has announced that it will release the update for free on August 3, 2021. It will also be available for a free update to existing players. The update will include new Pokemon and new features, making it even more fun for players to continue playing.


The New Pokemon Snap update features 214 new Pokemon. These creatures live on various islands in the Lental region. These pictures are stored in the Photodex, a database that shows maps and information on each creature. Pokemon in the Lental region have different numbers that correlate with their islands and routes, allowing players to see a variety of creatures in one place. If you haven’t yet completed all the photodex missions, you can do so in the future by downloading the app from the Nintendo Store.

In addition to the new Pokemon, the New Pokémon Snap update also includes the introduction of 20 new species. The video trailer revealed that the new species include Psyduck, Gyarados, Shroomish, and Feraligatr. Other confirmed Pokemon include Swalot, Psyduck, Gyrados, and Rockruff. The update will be available for Android and iOS on Aug. 3 (8pm CT) and Aug. 4 (2am BST).

In the new version, the Photodex has been expanded, with letter rankings added to them. Players can also increase the number of photos they take by completing courses and gaining a baseline score. The new Photodex features rewards players for capturing Pokemon in specific poses and building up the Photodex. In addition, you can now lure Pokemon using fruit, which gives you a chance to capture the Pokémon that you’re chasing.

The New Pokemon Snap update adds several quality of life improvements, as well as removing frustration caused by menu navigation. For example, players will be able to retry levels with different Research Levels. They will also be able to go directly to Research Camp without having their photos evaluated automatically. The game will also implement tweaks to LenTalk requests, ensuring that photos that meet the necessary criteria are flagged for evaluation before being sent. Finally, players can now save their photos directly to their Nintendo Switch.

The new Photodex for the Pokemon Snap update will also feature the Lental region’s own Pokedex. This database will feature detailed information about the Pokemon you’ve captured in multiple pictures. This update also features new Lentalk requests and six new courses. While the new Photodex isn’t yet available for all regions, it does have the same basic information as its other counterparts. If you haven’t played the new update yet, you’ll definitely want to check it out as soon as possible.

Quality-of-life improvements

The New update for Pokemon Snap introduces several quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to go back and re-complete levels with a different Research Level, and going directly to Research Camp without having the photo evaluated automatically. Tweaks to the LenTalk requests will also be implemented, and players will be able to save their photos to their Nintendo Switch after editing them in the photo editing mode.

The New Pokemon Snap update also brings three new areas to explore. The first one is a creative course, the second a river course in Belusylva, where you can catch Water-type Pokemon. The third new area is the Barran Badlands on Voluca Island, which features a poisonous swamp. New Pokemon Snap is now available worldwide on Nintendo’s website. It’s free to download and play on any platform.

The New Pokemon Snap update also adds options for quitting the game in the middle of a course, and removes Professor Mirror’s evaluations. To get the update, press the + button on the Switch, then Software Update. Make sure that you have an Internet connection. Be sure to match the version of the game with the version on your local system. However, you may not have the option to update the game until the Nintendo servers are available.

The New Pokemon Snap update will also add 20 new Pokemon to the game, including the snorlax, psyduck, gymrados, and shroomish. It will be available in the U.S. on Aug. 3 (8pm CT) and in the U.K. on Aug. 4 at 2am BST. The update will be free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

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