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See Through Electric Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking for a see through electric fireplace for your living room, bedroom or office, you will find plenty of options that will not only look good, but will be a comfortable addition to your home. However, before you decide to buy, you should be sure to do your homework.


A see through electric fireplace is a popular addition to many homes. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs. You can choose to have them installed on the wall or recessed. The units use vapor and LED technology to simulate the effects of a real wood burning fire. Some electric fireplaces are even dual sided, making them a great option for homeowners who want to have more flexibility.

Dimplex is a leading manufacturer of electric fireplaces. Their models are known for their high quality and impressive realism. Since 1991, they have been setting the standard in the electric fireplace industry. With over 30 patents to their name, they have produced innovative products and are continually working to expand their lineup.

For example, they have released the first ever see through electric fireplace. That model, called the CLEARion(tm) Elite See Thru Electric Fireplace, is designed to heat two separate rooms at different rates. It is hardwired into your home’s electrical system and can be controlled with just two remotes.


If you’re looking for an electric fireplace that can give you a view of the flame while delivering a great flame, then the Napoleon See Through Linear Gas Fireplace is a great choice. It features a glass guard system to ensure the safety of your viewing experience and offers the best possible view of the fire. You can also display any electronic devices that you want.

One of the many perks of this model is its unique dual-zone heating capabilities. This means you can control the temperature of one room and the other, with the aid of a remote control. There are other cool features as well, including a realistic flame and ember bed. Another good thing about this model is that it can be hardwired into an electrical system or plugged in.


A Kingsman see through electric fireplace is a great way to create a focal point in your living space. They are available in three variations: a vented model, a direct vent model, and a zero clearance model. The brand has been around since 1983, so there’s little doubt that they know what they’re doing. Their models are fuelled by either natural gas or liquid propane, so they’re pretty efficient. Plus, their products come with a safety barrier screen, so you can enjoy the heat in comfort.

The best part is that they are affordable. Most are made to order, so you can get your new gizmo in as little as a day. If you’re into home improvements, you’ll be happy to know that they’re built with heavy duty steel construction.


The Superior see through electric fireplace is a technologically advanced way to enjoy the warm glow of a fire. It features a powerful supplemental heater and customizable flames to create an amazing artificial fire experience.

The see through electric fireplace is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your living room, den or office. You can choose from a wide range of models, including vented, vent-free and double-sided. These stylish pieces can even be built into a wall like a picture. They can also be plugged into a standard wall outlet or hard wired into your electrical grid.

The DRT63ST See-Through Fireplace is one of the most technologically advanced electric fireplaces on the market today. This elegant piece comes with a powerful burner system and a ceramic ember bed burner. Plus, it is equipped with an electronic ignition and battery backup. A tall, two-sided glass opening makes for a dramatic viewing experience.

Empire Boulevard

Boulevard see through electric fireplaces offer an elegant look, efficient performance, and customizable options. These fireplaces are available in Natural Gas (LP), Propane, and are ideal for varying climates. They offer a muted black finish, strong horizontal lines, and chic accessories. A fine mesh barrier screen is standard on all Boulevard models.

Empire Boulevard see through fireplaces are available with different trim kits. A programmable LED light kit is also included to add ambiance to the room. There are different decorative media to choose from including fire glass, driftwood logs, and pebbles. You can also customize your see through electric fireplace with a reflective black porcelain liner.

Empire Boulevard see through electric fireplaces offer an electronic intermittent ignition system. This ignition eliminates the need for a standing pilot, saving you energy and money. The battery back-up feature allows manual or automated operation.

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