Coco Farms – Vertically Integrated Cannabis Operator



Coco Farms – Vertically Integrated Cannabis Operator

Located in Antioch, California, CoCo Farms is a dispensary that serves the medical and recreational marijuana markets. The dispensary is open 7 days a week and offers a wide selection of cannabis products. Visitors can choose from craft Cannabis flower, golden concentrates, tasty edibles, and more. The company is licensed to sell cannabis to people 21 and older with a government-issued identification card.

CoCo Farms is a vertically integrated cannabis operator

A vertically integrated cannabis operator has access to all of the relevant data that it needs to make smart business decisions. Such information is obtained directly from the company’s own operations. It has the added advantage of being able to capitalize on trends that affect the industry. For example, it can plan for the next harvest by planting more marijuana strains to meet demand.

The company operates two Tier 3 producer licenses and a 110,300 square-foot production facility. It produces a wide variety of premium cannabis products. Its production facilities are very efficient and modern. The company is able to produce some of the lowest cost cannabis in the state. The profitability of its products is expected to grow as the cost of inputs rises.

The company has four subsidiaries. These subsidiaries sell to individual retailers and large wholesale operations. The company’s product line includes cannabis gummies, micro dose mushroom-based chocolates, and nicotine-based vape juice. While the company outsources product manufacturing, it employs product packagers at its substantial 12,000-square-foot warehouse. It services customers across the continental US.

It operates 11 stores/gas stations in Westchester and Rockland counties

CoCo Farms recently opened a new Yorktown location. The Yorktown location offers great customer service, high-quality deli foods, and fresh coffee. The company operates 10 stores in Westchester and one in Putnam counties. It opened its first store in 2012 and now has 11 across the county. The Yorktown location is located at 3700 Barger St., which was formerly the site of a Getty station. It will feature a new 2,000-square-foot building and four double-sided fuel pump islands.

It sells recreational and medical marijuana

Coco farms is a cannabis dispensary in Antioch, California. It is open to the public at all times, and is licensed to sell recreational and medical marijuana. Its cannabis products include indoor flower, sun-grown flower, edibles, and tinctures. The company is part of the same conglomerate as Rio Vista Farms, which sells cannabis in San Francisco.

To purchase marijuana, customers must be 21 years old or older. They must also show a valid photo ID. The dispensary has video surveillance at all times. Licensed cannabis dispensaries are required to keep records of their products. The records must be accurate, and CoCo Farms makes these records available to the acting government body.

Coco farms is less than 90 feet from the Concord WIC office. WIC is a government-funded program that provides essential services for pregnant women and the elderly. The program also provides nutritional and health support to those in need. Many of the people who receive services are vulnerable to health disparities.

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