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There are many differences between European, US, and UK sizes. Here’s how to determine your size in each country. A man’s size 7 is equal to a woman’s size 8.5. The widths are the same during the conversion, so a woman’s D will be equivalent to a man’s D. Then you need to convert your measurement from inches to centimeters. Here are some tips to help you get started.


European sizes are determined by measuring chest circumference, waist, hips, and arm length. Men and women in Germany have similar sizing, as do most countries in the UK and Scandinavia. European sizes are also based on length, and the German male and female measurements are roughly half the U.S. sizes. In addition, women’s sizes are usually shortened six centimeters. Women who fall outside the size grid generally find themselves in long sizes or short sizes.


European clothing sizes generally run one to two sizes smaller than American sizes. If you’re in between sizes, try the corresponding size first. If you’re between sizes, try the next size up. For example, U.S. women’s size 40 is equal to a French size 36 or 38. French size 40 is similar to an American size 10.


French people love to hunt for their clothes. They’ll call anything that doesn’t fit a “bad design” rather than a bad cut, which Americans tend to blame on the label. French women, on the other hand, are surprisingly comfortable with their size. Here’s what to wear in France to look your best. You’ll find that size 40 is the equivalent of an American size two. You’ll also find that most women in France have the same shoe size, which is a bit of a relief.


What’s the difference between UK size 8 and European size 42? If you’re a UK woman, you’ll want to know how to convert the sizes. The first step is to look up your UK size in a clothing store. You’ll find that UK sizes don’t exactly match up. Usually, you have to buy a half size bigger. But don’t worry, this isn’t too difficult. Just follow these tips and you’ll soon be a pro!


When shopping for women’s clothing in Australia, the size you wear at home should be approximately one size smaller than your normal dress size. If you are unsure about your size in Australia, you can easily find out by using the table below. You can enter the number you are looking for in the text box and then see how many women wear this size in Australia. For men, the equivalent size is the same as a US size 40.

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