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The Different Types of Tech Deck

There are many different types of Tech Deck. The performance series was launched in 2007, while the other two are from 2010. However, you must be aware of the differences in these two products to get the most out of them. In addition, you should also understand how they function. Moreover, you should purchase them in the original packaging, as you would not want to receive a deck that has already been opened or used. The following are the characteristics of the different versions.

Wood fingerboards

The Performance Series Fingerboards are constructed with hi-performance parts that replicate the feeling of a real skateboard. Real graphics from the top skate brands are featured on the decks. Whether you prefer a traditional style or a modern design, you can find a fingerboard that fits your personality. And with the Performance Series, you’ll never have to settle for less than the best! The Performance Series fingerboards come in various sizes, styles, and colors.

The High Performance wood fingerboard from Tech Deck comes in two different variations – a random design and two custom designs. The wooden deck is made with softer wheels to increase grip and control. The high-quality design of this board also offers iconic designs. The Tech Deck High Performance wood fingerboard offers the ultimate in boardsports fun! If you’re in search of a quality wood fingerboard, there are many great options on the market.

Original design

If you’re looking for a quality skateboard that will last a long time, then look no further than the Tech Deck Performance Series. Made from durable wood, these fingerboards will help you rip up the pavement with ease. These decks also come with unique grip tape and a high-performance wheel set. And to top it all off, the boards are small and lightweight, perfect for young skateboarders.

The Performance Series is a middle ground between the plastic Tech Deck and the high-quality boards that you see in skate parks. While these skateboards won’t last forever, they will probably last you much longer than a random board that you pick up off of Amazon. The ‘original’ design features a unique grip tape that will enhance the performance of your skateboard. This grip tape is available in two unique designs, so it’s important to find one that works well with your deck and your style.

Real graphics

The Tech Deck performance series is coming to your skateboarding world soon! These fingerboards feel and look like the real thing, and they feature iconic graphics from skate companies. These fingerboards are part of a series that will drop in 2022. There will be several styles of these skateboards to choose from. You can even build a collection by collecting several. For more information, visit This article was written by a Tech Deck contributor.

Board-control maneuvers

For beginners, learning board-control maneuvers will help them master tricks. It helps to know how to ollie on the deck before learning to flip. For the best results, use both of your fingers to control the board, not just one. If you lose contact, you may not be able to flip properly. Landing is another important step; try to land on all four wheels for maximum effect. Learn the tricks and enjoy yourself!

The original design of the Tech Deck performance series provides a versatile platform for big jumps, creative grinds and board-control maneuvers. Because these skateboards are small, they are ideal for younger skaters. They feature 52mm wheels with soft 80A bushings and black griptape to help you skate safely. This series is designed for the younger skater, and includes two different types of wheels: one for beginners and one for advanced riders.

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